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TFT monitor

A TFT monitor uses Thin-Film Transistor technology for the ultimate LCD display. The benefit of a TFT monitor is a separate, tiny transistor for each pixel on the display. Because each transistor is so small, the amount of charge needed to control it is also small. This allows for very fast re-drawing of the display, as the image is re-painted or refreshed several times per second.

lcd monitor

LCD monitor

Negatives of the TFT monitor it that if the transistor on the screen malfunctions there will be blank at that point on the screen. This is known as ‘dead pixel’.
A TFT monitor delivers crisp text, vibrant color and an improved response time for multimedia applications such as gaming or video editing.
It is suitable for places where space is a constraint, for example a small office.
Multimedia Projector Applications such as training presentations, advertising presentations and home cinema. It displays data from computers, pictures from televisions and video/DVD recorders.


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