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Your Ultimate Online Resource Hub for Economics, Business Studies, Accounting, and ICT

Welcome to dineshbakshi.com, your ultimate online resource hub catering to Economics, Business Studies, Accounting, and ICT revision needs. Our platform is dedicated to providing a comprehensive array of resources tailored to various examination boards. While numerous websites charge exorbitant fees for these invaluable materials, dineshbakshi.com offers them to you completely FREE of charge.

We proudly stand as a leading authority in IGCSE Economics, IGCSE Business Studies, IGCSE Accounting, and IGCSE ICT, making us a go-to destination for students and educators alike. Since our launch in 2008, we have garnered immense popularity in a remarkably short span of time, thanks to the continuous support of devoted teachers and students.

We express our gratitude to all those who have consistently visited us, contributing to our rapid rise in prominence. It's an honor to be recognized by the Cambridge International Examination website, where we are listed among the recommended subject resources for Business Studies, Economics, and Accounting.


  • Interactive Quizzes & Games: Engaging tools to make learning fun.
  • Revision Notes & Worksheets: Detailed materials to support your studies.
  • Video Tutorials: Step-by-step explanations on complex topics.
  • Mobile Friendly: Access resources on the go.
  • Expertly Crafted: Developed by seasoned educator Dinesh Bakshi, leveraging over 20 years of teaching experience.
  • Updated Content: Regularly updated materials to keep up with curriculum changes.

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