Finance and Accounting

Finance and accounting

This topic area introduces candidates to the importance of the management of finance, the keeping of and analysis of accounts, and the assessment of business financial performance. Candidates need to understand: the basic principles and techniques of financial management; the value of financial statements and some key accounting techniques used to promote profit, measure performance and exert control in business organisations; the use of financial management information in managerial decision making; the links between financial management and other management activity; the importance of identifying and interpreting management accounting information, recognising uses and limitations. Central to the role of finance and accounting is an understanding of how information can be used to create and measure value.

At Cambridge International AS Level the emphasis is on finance, the sources of finance and a basic understanding of published accounts. Candidates will need to understand the concepts of finance and cash flow and apply these to practical situations. Analysis and evaluation of tactical solutions to finance and cash flow problems will be expected.

The Cambridge International A Level includes the content and skills of the Cambridge International AS Level. The focus at Cambridge International A Level is on using accounting information to aid strategic decision making and to evaluate the performance of a business and business investment projects in financial terms.

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