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AP Economics

AP Economics - Revision Notes

The AP® Program offers two separate exams in economics: one in microeconomics and one in macroeconomics.

AP® Exams

The AP® Microeconomics Exam and the AP Macroeconomics Exam are each a little over 2 hours long. Each exam consists of a 70-minute multiple-choice section and a 60-minute free-response section.

Multiple Choice Section – Duration 70 Minutes

The multiple-choice section accounts for two-thirds of the student’s exam score and the free-response section for the remaining one-third.

Free-response Section – Duration 60 Minutes

Some questions in the free-response section require graphical analysis. The free-response section begins with a mandatory 10-minute reading period. During this period, students are advised to read each of the questions, sketch graphs, make notes, and plan their answers. Students then have 50 minutes to write their answers.

Command Words for Free response questions

Definitions of the following terms that are frequently used as prompts in free-response questions are:

  • “Show” means to use a diagram to illustrate your answer. Correct labeling of all elements including the axes of the diagram is necessary to receive full credit.
  • “Explain” means to take the reader through all of the steps or linkages in the line of economic reasoning. Graphs and symbols are acceptable as part of the explanation.
  • “Identify” means to provide a specific answer that might be a list or a label on a graph, without any explanation or elaboration.
  • “Calculate” means to use mathematical operations to determine a specific numerical response, along with providing your work.

Revise AP® Economics through easy to understand revision notes. Revision notes are divided into two sections Microeconomics and Macroeconomics. Click on the icons below to goto the relevant revision notes

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