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People in Organisations

People in organisations

This topic area focuses on how businesses can develop and use policies, procedures, structures, systems and approaches to management and leadership that will harness the human potential within an organisation and achieve organisation goals. An understanding of the central role of effective management and leadership in achieving efficiency and competitiveness is required. Candidates will need to understand the distinct bodies of theory that underpin the concepts of business management and leadership. The importance of motivation techniques and theories in understanding employee needs will be considered. The contribution to business success made by human resource management through effective workforce planning and the recruitment, selection and training of workers will also be explored.

At Cambridge International AS Level the emphasis is on understanding and applying the concepts of people in organisations, with some analysis and evaluation of related problems. The role of various management, leadership and motivation theories should be developed in a practical way. Knowledge of specific national laws and regulations applying to conditions of work is not required.

 The Cambridge International A Level includes the content and skills of the Cambridge International AS Level. Although some further knowledge and application of that knowledge will be directly tested at Cambridge International A Level, the emphasis is on the interrelationship between organisational structure, leadership style and management of people within a business. Candidates will be expected to evaluate the implications of these for the effective planning and management of human resources.

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