Operations Management

Operations and project management

Operations management is the discipline of how resources are managed to achieve the efficient production/provision of goods and services. Project management is the discipline of managing resources to successfully complete one-off projects. This topic area promotes understanding of operations and project decisions and how design, planning, quality and workforce issues interrelate to achieve operations objectives. Candidates should develop an understanding of the benefits and limitations of a variety of techniques and analytical frameworks used by operations and project managers. Central to the understanding of how successful operations and project management support effective manufacturing and service businesses is a recognition of the importance of innovation in product and service delivery in dynamic and volatile business environments.

At Cambridge International AS Level, the emphasis is on understanding and applying the concepts of operations management, with some analysis and evaluation of related problems. The emphasis is on the way organisations use inputs and manage business processes efficiently.

The Cambridge International A Level includes the content and skills of the Cambridge International AS Level. Although additional knowledge and application of this knowledge will be directly tested at Cambridge International A Level, the emphasis is on using operations and project management concepts and techniques to develop strategies, improve efficiency and evaluate situations/options.


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