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A PINpad is an electronic device used in a debit or smart card-based transaction to input and encrypt the cardholder's PIN.
Pinpads are normally used with integrated point of sale devices in which the Electronic Cash Register (ECR) machine is responsible for taking the sale amount and initiating/handling the transaction. The PinPad is just available so that the customer card can be accessed and the pin can be encrypted before it is sent upstream to the transaction manager of the switch or the bank.
Like the stand-alone point of sale devices, PinPads are also equipped with hardware security features so that the injected security keys are erased if someone tries to tamper with the device. Also the encrypted PinBlock is stored in an internal register for only a very small period of time (in milliseconds) during which the ECR application can request it.


Apart from paying you bills at the store, PINpad is also used in ATMs to obtain cash.


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