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dinesh bakshi

Course Developed by Seasoned Educator

This course is the brainchild of Mr. Dinesh Bakshi, a seasoned educator with 18 years of experience teaching IGCSE, A Level, and IB Business Studies and Economics. Mr. Bakshi's expertise has guided thousands of students towards achieving outstanding grades. His dedication to education is evident through his website, www.dineshbakshi.com, recognized as a premier online resource for Business Studies, attracting hundreds of thousands of teachers and students annually. Leveraging his vast experience, Mr. Bakshi has meticulously crafted this course to provide the best learning experience.

As per latest IGCSE syllabus

The course is specifically designed for IGCSE Business Studies. The course is aligned and provided 100% coverage of the curriculum. Each resource in the course, be it study notes or quizzes are written as per the requirement of the syllabus.
study notes

100+ Study Notes

In this course, you'll receive detailed study notes meticulously aligned with every topic and subtopic outlined in the syllabus. Crafted for clarity, these notes are presented in straightforward and accessible language, ensuring that complex ideas are easily digestible. Key terms are emphasized, allowing students to grasp and internalize essential concepts thoroughly.

Variety of Curated Content

The course is packed with tons of curated content from the web. Contents such as 'how to guide', short videos, checklists etc enhances the student's understanding of the concept.

Regular Assessment

Each topic and subtopics has assessment to assess your understanding. The course has two assessment components:
  • Formative: Short quiz or questions after each concept
  • Summative : At the end of the unit . These will contain exam style questions with detailed feedback and tips to improve your performance.
You will be able to view your GRADEBOOK and all get unlimited attempts to participate in quizzes and improve your performance.
value for money

Value for Money

This high quality course is the one of the most 'value for money' options available on the net for IGCSE Business Studies. Subscribing to this course give you access to high quality content at a throwaway price.
Get instant Access

Get Instant Access

Dive into a wealth of resources for IGCSE Business Studies, available at your fingertips! With our study planner, you're empowered to tailor your learning journey, progressing through the syllabus at a pace that suits you best. Start exploring now and pave your path to success!

Learn at your own pace

Our courses are structured into manageable modules, each consisting of clearly defined study units, making it simple to incorporate learning into your busy life. Without any mandatory weekly hours, you have the flexibility to study at a pace that aligns with your individual needs and lifestyle. Should you find yourself progressing faster than planned, you have the option to complete your qualification sooner. Conversely, if life demands more of your time, you can easily pause and resume your studies when ready.


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