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Types of Computers

Super computer

A supercomputer is a computer which performs at a rate of speed which is far above that of other computers.
The primary use for supercomputers is in scientific computing, which requires high-powered computers to perform complex calculations. Scientific organizations like NASA boast supercomputers the size of rooms for the purpose of performing calculations, rendering complex formulas, and performing other tasks which require a formidable amount of computer power. Some supercomputers have also been designed for very specific functions like cracking codes and playing chess; Deep Blue is a famous chess-playing supercomputer.

cray super computer super computer

Mainframe Computer

These are computers used by large organizations like meteorological surveys and statistical institutes for performing bulk mathematical computations. They are core computers which are used for desktop functions of over one hundred people simultaneously. Since mainframes are usually the most important computers in a company’s computational arsenal, they are routinely protected by multiple layers of security and power backup, both internal and external.
mainframe computer

mainframe computer

Mini computers

The Mini computers are a less bulky version of the mainframe computers. In times past, the minicomputer was typically a standalone device that was ideal for use by small and mid-sized businesses who needed more power and memory than could be obtained with microcomputers, but did not have a need for the resources provided by mainframes. More recently, a minicomputer is thought of in terms of being a server that is part of a larger network.

The Microcomputer

These are the most frequently used computers better known by the name of “Personal computers”. This is the type of computer meant for public use. Other than Desktop Computer the choice ranges as follows:

  • Personal Digital Computer
  • Tablet PC
  • Towers
  • Work Stations
  • Laptops
  • Hand Held Computer


compaq notebook desktop computer


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