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What is training?

Training involves improving the skills, knowledge and attitudes of employees so as to become more efficient and productive.

Objectives of Training

  • Improve the efficiency of workforce
  • Make workers multi-skilled and flexible
  • Introducing a new process or new machinery
  • Reduce wastage of material and time
  • Adapt to change

Types of Training

Induction Training

It involves introducing a new employee to its work environment. Usually, it includes

on the  job  training
  • introduction to colleagues,
  • explaining the firm’s activities,
  • procedures followed in the organisation,
  • explaining the organisational structure,
  • place of working etc.

On the Job training

A worker gets training by watching a more experienced worker doing the job. It is off the job  trainingcommon for unskilled and semi-skilled jobs. Thus the worker gets trained while he is performing his regular duties.

Off the job training

This is when a worker goes away from the place of work to attend a special course. The training can be in the form of a seminar, workshop or a college course. Off the job training is usually conducted for managerial level employees.



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