Recruitment and Selection Process

The recruitment Process starts with a vacancy arising.


Job analysis and description

Once a vacancy arises the human resource manager will first identify and record the responsibilities and tasks which are related to the job. After analysing the responsibilities and tasks they are noted down which becomes the Job description for the job. It includes:

  • A job title
  • Department of the business in which the new employee would work
  • Details of the tasks to be performed
  • Responsibilities involved
  • Place in the hierarchical structure
  • Methods of assessing the performance

Job Specification

On the basis of Job description, a job specification is made. It is a document which outlines the requirements, qualifications and qualities, skills and knowledge required for the job. It is also known as person specification.

Job Advertisement

After completing the person specification (job specification) the vacancy is advertised. It can be advertised internally (on the company notice board or newsletter) or may be advertised externally in a newspaper or magazine. The advertisement will usually contain the elements of a person specification with additional information like the name and profile of the company, date and time of interview, address of the company and the contact person etc.

Applications received and shortlisted

Once a job is advertised, there might be hundreds of application received. All of the applications received might not be suitable for the job. Thus a short listing of the applications will be done. The applications most near to the job specification will be called for interview and those who do not qualify the criteria will be rejected.
The shortlisted candidates will be called for an interview to verify their qualifications, personal qualities and aptitude for the job. It may involve a face to face discussion between the interviewer and interviewee. The firm may also conduct skill test, aptitude tests or personality test if it deems fit so.

Selecting the suitable candidate

The candidate who scores the maximum in the interview will be selected for the job and given an appointment letter.


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