What is a Leadership Style?

The motivation level of the workers is very much affected by the Leadership style followed in an organisation. There are broadly three types of leadership styles.

Types of Leadership Styles


In this style the manager believes in taking the decisions on its own without consulting or communicating with their subordinates. They set the objectives, give instructions to workers to achieve those objectives and supervise closely to see whether their instructions are implemented. There is one way communication from the boss to the subordinates only. These types of managers can be categories as Theory X managers. Motivation level for workers is usually low as they feel alienated from the decision making process.


Democratic managers trust their employees. They take decision based on the feedback and comments of their subordinates. They believe in delegation and encourage their subordinates to take decisions. Communication is usually two ways where the employees can give in their comments and suggestions. Organizations following democratic style usually have high motivation level among their staff.


Managers who believe in Laissez-faire style of management give their employees broad objectives and give them full liberty to make their decision regarding how the work will be done. Communication may be a problem as the manager may not be closely monitoring the progress of the employee. It may be de-motivating sometimes as the workers may lack direction and guidance from their superiors.


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