Barriers to Effective Communication

Barriers to effective communication mean the reasons for a breakdown in communication. These breakdowns may be for arising due to


barriers to communication


Problem with the sender

  • The sender may use to technical language or may use ‘jargons’ which are difficult to understand.
  • The sender may speak too quickly which makes it difficult to interpret what he is saying.
  • The sender initiates a wrong message.
  • The message send by the sender may be too long and due to this the main point to be emphasized may get lost.
  • The sender may have a wrong opinion or perception of the receiver and may not put effort to put across the message in an effective way.

Problem with the medium

  • The message may be lost while transmitting.
  • Using an inappropriate medium may result in the less effective communication.
  • A longer channel of communication will result in distortion of the message and it may lose its original meaning.
  • There is lots of physical disturbances in channel of communication used.

Problem with the receiver

  • The receiver might not be paying attention and thus the message may lose its impact.
  • In many cases, the sender might not be trusted by the receiver and may not act in the intended way.
  • The receiver may not have the necessary skills to understand the message.

Problem with the feedback

  • The feedback may be missing or distorted.


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