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Communication is the transfer of information from the sender to the receiver with the information being understood by both the sender and the receiver.

effective communication process

Role of Communication

Communication is needed

  • To establish and disseminate goals of an organisation
  • To develop plans for their achievement
  • To organise human and other resources in the most effective and efficient way
  • To select, develop and appraise members of the organisation
  • To lead, direct and motivate people
  • To control performance.

The communication process

Sender of the message: Communication begins with the sender who has a thought or and idea which is then encoded in a way that can be understood by both the sender and the receiver.

Transmission of message: The information is transmitted over a channel that links the sender with the receiver. The message may be oral, written or visual.

Receiver of the message: The receiver has to be ready for the message so that it can be decoded. Accurate communication can only occur when both the sender and the receiver attach the same meaning to the message.

Noise and Feedback: We can never be sure whether or not a message has been effectively encoded, transmitted, decoded and understood until  it is confirmed by feedback.



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