What is a Trade Union?

Trade Union is a group of workers who join together to protect their interests and work for better wages and working conditions. It is a type of pressure group.

Why do workers join trade unions?

Workers might join a trade union because

  • They believe that there is strength in number and they will be listened to when they in a group.
  • To negotiate a better pay, more holidays and less hours of work.
  • To pressurise the employer to provide them with a healthier and safer working environment.
  • Improved benefits for retrenched workers
  • To get the benefits of advice, financial support and welfare activities carried out by Trade Unions.
  • Many workers may also join a trade union because there is a closed shop policy.

Closed Shop

It is where all employees must be a member of the same trade union.

Single Union agreement

It is an agreement between the management and workers, where the management deals with only one trade union and no other.

Collective bargaining

It means the negotiations between one or more trade unions and one or more employers on pay and conditions of employment.

Productivity agreement

It is an agreement between the management and workers whereby the management agrees to increase the benefits for workers in return for an increase in productivity.

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