We are pleased to offer yet another innovative service to our beloved students. 

Now students can attempt past year papers and get feedback on their attempts from an expert examiner. At a nominal price of USD 5 you will now be able to download a past year paper, atttempt it and send your response to us. Our team will check your response as per relevant standards and provide you extensive feedback on your response. Each question will be evaluated and tips will be provided on further improve your response. 

Once you enroll, you will have 2 months to attempt and complete the question papers and submit it to us. Once your submit your responses, we will grade them within 72 hours and provide elaborate feedback on your responses. 

At present the service is only available for Cambridge IGCSE Business Studies (Code 0450). We intend to start the same service for IGCSE Economics and IGCSE Accounting. 

We highly encourage you try out this service and benefit from it. 

Find more information at https://dineshbakshi.com/feedback-past-year-papers