Flow of Source Documents

Gap-fill exercise

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   cash      cheque      credit note      delivery note      Invoice      purchase order      receipt      Remittance advice slip      Statement of Account   
Rakesh owns a readymade garments shop. He needs stock and so he sends a to Vinod, his supplier. After receiving the order from Rakesh, Vinod delivers the required quantity of goods ordered. They send a with the materials. Rakesh signs the document, the delivery man gives original and retains a duplicate. The delivery man also gives an requesting for the payment of the goods delivered. When Rakesh checks the goods delivered, he finds some of the goods are defective. He returns the defective goods to the supplier. The supplier admits and issues a .
Rakesh and Vinod have regular transactions on regular basis. Each month Vinod sends a statement of the value of deliveries made for that month, the value of any credit notes issued and any payment made by Rakesh. from Vinod reminds Rakesh how much he owes. The statement is also accompanied by a .
Rakesh will indicate on this slip which invoices he is paying. Rakesh can pay through a or . After receiving the payment Vinod issues a indicating the payment has been made.