Economies and Diseconomies of Scale

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The scale or size of is usually measured by the number of produced over a period of time. If the scale of production increases, unit costs over most production ranges are likely to fall because the company will benefit from of scale. Beyond a point a company will start to find that inefficiencies push average costs up, and of scale set in.
economies are cost savings that arise from the way in which large firms raise money.
economies is cost savings resulting from the way in which firms sell their products
economies are cost savings caused by the methods of production used.
economies is cost savings that result from the way in which firms tries to reduce the risk of a fall in demand for some of their products.
Diseconomies of Scale can be classified as:
diseconomies results due to coordination problems among various departments within a firm.
diseconomies may result from too much . Workers may become very bored with their repetitive and often monotonous jobs.