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Business Organisation

Learning Outcomes

At the end of this unit the students will be able to

  • Discuss the appropriateness of a given form of organisation in enabling a business to achieve its objectives
  • Recommend suitable forms of business organisation to the owners and management in a given situation

  • Identify and explain the main features of different forms of business organisation
  • Describe the main features of sole traders, partnerships, limited companies, franchises and joint ventures
  • Understand the differences between sole traders and partnerships
  • Understand the differences between unincorporated businesses and limited companies

  • Identify reasons for the importance and growth of multinational business
  • Explain why multinational companies are created
  • Understand the potential impact of multinationals on the countries [economies] where they are located by looking at the advantages and disadvantages that they create [e.g. employment, inward technology,repatriation of profits]

  • Draw, interpret and explain simple organisational charts
  • Understanding of the roles, responsibilities and inter-relationship of people within organisations
  • Understand the concepts of span of control, hierarchy, chain of command and delegation
  • Comment on the central features of organisational structure
  • Show analytical awareness of the features of a given chart
  • Appreciate that organisational charts change as a business expands

  • Understand the role and function of entrepreneurship
  • Understand the concepts of risk and ownership
  • Understand the concept of limited liability
  • Internal organisation (organisation structure, hierarchy, span of control)
  • Discuss the role of management
  • Knowledge of the functions of management
  • Understanding of the concepts of ownership and control

  • Explain the different means of communication
  • Understand the concept of communication
  • Appreciate the importance of communication within a business
  • Understand how communication takes place
  • Awareness of the barriers to effective communication
  • Knowledge of the barriers to effective communication
  • Understanding of why such barriers exist
  • Understand how the barriers to communication can be overcome
  • Explain how barriers can be overcome
  • Comment on the appropriateness of different means of communication
  • Understanding of when to use a given method of communication

  • Understanding of methods of internal and external communication
  • Knowledge and understanding of different methods understanding of the difference between internal and external communication
  • Understand the need for effective internal communication
  • Knowledge of the concept of effective communication
  • Understanding of the consequences of a breakdown in effective communications




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