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What is Single entry system?

According to Carter ‘Single Entry system is a method or a variety of methods, employed for the recording of transactions, which ignore the two-fold aspect and consequently fails to provide the businessman with the information necessary for him to be able to ascertain the position’


  • Usually, only Personal Accounts are prepared.
  • Cash Book records both business and personal transactions.
  • Too much dependence on Source documents to ascertain final status of the business.
  • There is no standard procedure in maintaining records and vary from firm to firm.
  • Usually found in a sole trader or a partnership firm.


  • It is easy and simple method of recording business transactions.
  • Less expensive as qualified staff is not required.
  • Suitable for small businesses where cash transactions occur and very few assets and liabilities exists.
  • Flexible method as there are no set procedures and principles followed.


  • No double entry, thus Trial Balance cannot be prepared to check the arithmetical accuracy of books of accounts.
  • Information related to assets and liabilities cannot be reliable because respective accounts have not been maintained.
  • True Profit and Loss cannot be ascertained.
  • Comparison of accounting performance with previous year or other firms not possible as any standard principle or procedure is not followed.

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