Public Limited Company

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   Article of Association      Certificate of Incorporation      Certificate of Trading      legal      limited liability      Memorandum of Association      plc      private      Prospectus      Registrar of Companies      Stock Exchange   
A Public Limited Company has at the end of its name, distinguishing it from a limited company. These shares of most public limited companies are bought and sold through the . The shareholders have and can be held responsible only for payments up to the value of their shares. Like the private limited company, public company has its own status separate from the shareholders. The procedure for setting up a public limited company starts with submitting , document stating the company’s name and address of the company along with the giving details about how the company will be run. The will issue a . After this the company can issue a - an advertisement inviting the public to buy shares in the company. When the shares have been issued the Registrar of Companies will draw up a ; this allows the company to start trading.