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Business studies, Economics, Accounting, ICT, Crosswords

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Crosswords (Printable version)

This page contains crosswords puzzles on Business Studies, Economics , Accounting and ICT.

They are PDF format. Download it and start attempting them.

download business studies crosswords
Business Activity-1 DOWNLOAD
Business Activity-2 DOWNLOAD
External Environment-1 DOWNLOAD
External Environment-2 DOWNLOAD
Advertising Slogans DOWNLOAD
Marketing-1 DOWNLOAD
Marketing-2 DOWNLOAD
Marketing-3 DOWNLOAD
Marketing-4 DOWNLOAD
Types of organisation DOWNLOAD
Trade unions DOWNLOAD
Motivation DOWNLOAD
Employee and Employers Association DOWNLOAD
Production DOWNLOAD


For Interactive Crosswords visit Economics revision section. Many of these crosswords can be used for both Economics and Business Studies as the topics are common.

download economics crosswords
Basic Economic Concepts DOWNLOAD
Inflation DOWNLOAD
Business Growth DOWNLOAD
International Trade DOWNLOAD
International Trade-2 DOWNLOAD
Government Macroeconomic Policiesnew DOWNLOAD
Government Revenue and Spendingnew DOWNLOAD
Aggregate Demand and Aggregate Supplynew DOWNLOAD
Inflation-2new DOWNLOAD
International Economics (A-Level/IB/AP)new DOWNLOAD



Computer Hardware(pdf) DOWNLOAD


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